Social Media Success Mini-Conference December 15

Social media management is more than starting a Facebook page and sending press releases into the ether. If you’re not living up the “social” aspect of this communication format, you’re missing opportunities for connecting with patients, clients, and community.

Social success can be at your fingertips with planning, patience and a little creativity. Social Media Success Mini-Conference brings together six social media gurus, mavens and experts to share tips and strategies to make the most of your social media presence.


We’ll be in room 6120 in the Stetson Medical Science Building. Take the atrium elevator at UF Health Shands Hospital to the sixth floor. Make a left, then another left, and we’ll be on your left hand side halfway down the hall.

Snacks and drinks provided!


Holly Gibbs
Instagram: As much as I can teach you in the next 10-12 minutes

Want to become an Insta wizard? This talk covers photo composition basics, third-party editing apps, how to make your content discoverable, and more ways to step up your Instagram game.

About the speaker: Holly Marie Gibbs is a Senior Web Designer for UF Health’s Web Services team. She has run social media accounts for international travel companies, nonprofit organizations, marketing agencies, educational institutions, publications, celebrity pets (her own) and, once, a mini-storage company (with literally tens of followers). She has led marketing campaigns, Instagram takeovers, giveaways and contests and has given talks on Instagram strategy, process and execution. Her favorite Instagram collection can be found at #teamlongandlow, where she shares photos of her length-blessed and height-challenged pups.

Ryan Morejon
Creating a social media street team

For social media managers, it’s easy to engage with your audience behind a laptop or smartphone screen. But what about engaging with your audience in real life? The social media street team’s purpose is to create and highlight opportunities for the Gator Nation to engage on social media, and to create a culture of content-sharing.

Kevin Coulson
What’s the Big Idea?

Today Kevin will be chatting with us about chasing unicorns. He promises it will be about social media.

About the speaker: Kevin Coulson joins us today from Waymaker Communications, a Gainesville-based communications firm that works with their clients on things like research, strategy, digital, social, design and PR. As the communications director, he gets to have a lot of fun helping clients tell their best stories. He’s managed strategic planning and message development for clients such as Weyerhaeuser, First Magnitude Brewing Company, Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group, the City of Gainesville and many others. Kevin loves words, and uses them for good (not evil) in business and beyond.

On a more personal note, he can often be spotted cruising around town with his incredible wife, while towing his 5-year old daughter Olivia behind him on his road bike, gulping coffee/beer (depending on the situation) or obsessing over mp3s in his every expanding crusade to own all the music everywhere. If you see him in the wild, give him a high-five.

Jeff Stevens
Watch your tone! Voice, Tone and Style in Social

Whether you are an army or one of part of team of social media specialists, our words and how we convey them have real impact. In order to facilitate that conversation, voice, tone and style guides are indispensable in creating a consistent voice that portrays your organization and institution the way you want to be seen.

About the speaker: James T. Kirk once said, “Let me help,” perhaps the most important words ever said by a human. Jeff Stevens agrees. In his 13-year career at the University of Florida, he’s worked to bridge the gaps between students, alumni, faculty and the public, as webmaster for financial affairs, liberal arts and sciences, and now as assistant web manager for the academic health center, where he is responsible for content strategy and usability for more than 550 websites. He is passionate about cooperative development, iterative improvements, social media and the Silver Surfer (not necessarily in that order). You can find him on the web under his alias, @kuratowa.

Amanda Austin
Social Media Success in 30 Minutes a Day

Social media is important, but for most communications professionals, dedicated time to growing accounts is not at the top of the to-do list. The most common refrain for managing social media is, “I just don’t have time!” In this presentation, I’ll share the secret sauce recipe for keeping your social media platform up-to-date and thriving — in just 30 minutes a day.

About the speaker:  Amanda brings more than 15 years experience in marketing, copywriting, advertising, and digital media to web services. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master’s degree in Communications, and is passionate about bridging the gap between traditional marketing and social media marketing with messages tailored to each account’s needs. She believes social media isn’t just about making an appearance online, but about connecting on a personal level with potential customers and influencers. She is a mom of two and loves cats, Disney, iced coffee, and the beach!

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