You can never be too prepared

graphic for the campus sonar Brainwaves blog text reads be prepared: response chart offers guidance in social media crises

Social media managers, how do you start each workday? Email? Seeing how yesterday’s posts performed? I like to jump right into issues management. What kind of fires do we have to put out today? From viral videos on Twitter of students canoodling in the library to faculty gone rogue to good old-fashioned trolling. You never know what’s in store when it comes to working in social media.

Before I started at UF Health, I was a social media strategist at Virginia Commonwealth University, where a large part of my time was spent monitoring for issues on social media and working to deescalate so they didn’t turn into larger issues. Because the university is so large and they have hundreds of accounts operating somewhat independently, I created a document to help them navigate the usual issues that came up.

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